About the Cancer Education Consortium

Dear Colleague,

The Cancer Education Consortium is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing unique and innovative educational programming for physicians who are actively pursuing a career in the field of oncology. It offers yearly workshops designed to enhance and expand fellowship training in clinical and translational research related to cancer. Attendees come from all of the subspecialties of cancer medicine, including surgical, medical, pediatric, and radiation oncology. They may apply for more than one workshop, as the individual curricula provide in-depth training and mentorship in specific complementary areas of clinical research. The two primary areas of emphasis include cancer therapeutics and drug development, and molecular and translational oncology.

The Consortium is supported by unrestricted grants from a group of funders who have recognized the need and importance of expanded educational experiences that will update the knowledge base, foster mentoring and peer relationships, provide networking opportunities, and enhance the research skills of physicians entering the field.

The CEC is administered by an independent Board of Trustees composed of distinguished educators, clinicians and researchers who are leaders in their respective disciplines. Board members represent the subspecialties of medical oncology, hematology, gynecologic oncology, medical education, pediatric oncology, surgical oncology and radiation oncology. They are constantly monitoring developments in the field to ensure that programming is timely and immediately relevant.

These pages describe the programs offered by the CEC. Workshop attendance is limited to no more than 25 attendees to ensure a highly interactive experience with the faculty. Candidates are selected from a national pool of applicants. Selection criteria include demonstrated interest in research related to the workshop topic and the recommendation of program directors. We urge you to take advantage of these unique training opportunities.

Bruce A. Chabner, MD

Bruce A. Chabner, MD
Chairman of the Board